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Initiated the Violin by my own choice

age 4: - Initiated the Violin by my own choice

I rejected to go to kindergarten.  My teacher's opinion was I should have started at the latest 3 years old, and she had less time for my lesson.  But I caught up with others soon.

age 5: spring: Elected as one of the five best students (among 3000 students) in the country

I think, other pupils were forced to study by there parents, different from me. It was the reason why I was elected.

age 5: summer: Leading roll of a film to introduce the learning method of the violin

The film tripped around USA and countries in Europe.  After this, many people visited our school from various countries to learn the method, mainly from USA.  They called my name "Yuri!" as soon as they saw me, since they had known my face well.  It was extremely strange experience for me, because I did not understand at all what was happen, was unable to know "the world", as I was only 5.

age 10: Visited Hawaii to play the violin

My first experience of swimming in the sea.

High school days as a concert master

I offered 8 hours a day for the violin in summer days.  I joined the activitie of chamber music club before entrance ceremony.

Recorded commercial music of the radio

Commercial of Buddhist family altar.

Had to give up to study the violin more - change of the direction

I wanted to study music more at university, but the piano was essential for entrance examination of music college, but I had never played it.

After graduating high school, I spent 2 years to read books and consider what subject to study would be benefit for my life. Finally I decided to study European art history. I started working to get ¥800,000 (around US$7,000.00) as an entrance fee of University.

The vacant land to accept your dreams exists nowhere

I succeeded to apply the audition of music production.  Unfortunately, all of managers there forced me a new religion, and I helped running away from there soon.  The vacant land to accept your dreams exists nowhere. Challenge will continue through the life.

age 30: Restructure from scratch

Five years traning of breathing, walking and physical balance

I was unable to turn a door knob of my room any more. My bones were wrongly curved by long year violin practicing. >>No violinist use the left part equally to the right part of their body.<<

I went to a place of Oriental medicical science of course as a patient. But I was fortunately asked to do some work.

I studied about muscles and kinesitherapy at a place of Oriental medicical science with working as an operator to make computer graphics of bones and muscles by Adam (medical software of Adam inc. - USA).

I was physically and mentally taking back natural sensitivity as a human being.