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Initiated Swimming

initiate swimming

I sensitize myself and am always at the limit. I welcome the suffering to challenge. I like to do my best.

When I started, I was not able to swim even 5 meters long. Because I was stopped to doing by a doctor in my youth due to my heart problem.

For around one year from I started, I had to jump often for breathing. If I stop jumping, I couldn't breath.

I seriously did.

The first year, I had to go to the civil swimming pool. It took 45 or 50 minutes by bycicle from my home. But I regullary went there after work, a few times a week.

Next year, a swimming pool were made near here. I went there everyday after work. Almost everyday, I swimmed 3 km. A few days a week, I did muscle training.

My achievement

Around 2 or 3 years after I initiated, I got some ability. It was amazing fact for me.

Let me show you some of my achievements.

  • Butterfly: 200m
  • Individual medley: 400m
  • Free style: 1500m

Oh, but I had more passion to swim fast than long slow swim. To feel the stream on whole body, it is not always necessary to swim slowly.

  • Breaststroke 25m: 23 sec.
  • Freestyle 25m: 21.5 sec.
  • Backstroke 25m: around 22 sec. (can't remember exactly now)
  • Butterfly 25m: 23 sec.

These records are never fast in general level. But I had done only for 2 or 3 years from my late start. I'm very satisfied with what I had done.

Ed Moses

I respect Ed Moses, the world best breaststroker in USA. I've only learned breastroke by the video of Ed Moses (champion products). They are extremely effective for growing of breaststroke. Ed's long, elegant strokes and kicks are the ideal style, I think.