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Who is Lily?

My name is Lily. I've been working at my own production - Shimayuri Art Enterprise (real office).



Ten years as a semi-professional violinist.

Worked as an assistant/secretary to the president of an art consulting company for three years. Involved with planning and management for several successful spatial design worldwide projects.

As a freelance computer trainer for seven years. I was teaching mainly web design (HTML/XHTML, CSS, SEO, Web Accessibility, Graphic Softwares) & Business Softwares for People who lost jobs, Design/IT schools, The Ministry of Finance, The Custom of Tokyo, Fujitsu etc.

2002 Abilimpic in Tokyo - web division - making question and judge (the game for a handicapped person to compete in the professional ability)

SEO/accessibility consulting. Web/Graphic Design.


Graduated from Waseda University, Tokyo.
B.A. in Art History

mountain girl

I grew up in Nagano pref. where is the highest area in Japan. The city of Matsumoto where I lived was the foot of the Japan Alps.


Initiated swimming over 30 years old.

In my personal opinion the most admirable swimmer in the world is Ed Moses (Breaststroke, USA). His performance is not only fast, but also so beautiful.

favorite musicians/artist

  • Schlomo Mintz (Violinist, Israel)
  • J.S. Bach (Composer, Germany)
  • Fedelico Fellini (Movie Director, Italy)